Download PDF Automation Server v2015R1

Version 2015R1 – June 18 2015

This version of PDF Automation Server adds a new Optimizer Job that allows to reduce PDF file size by compressing images and streams as well as removing unused objects. Digital signatures can now be timestamped using an official time-stamp server and signature appearance can be customized. The Preflight Job was improved to add validation for PDF/A in addition to PDF/X.

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New Features

  • PAS-122 – New PDF Optimizer Job to Reduce PDF File Size
  • Built using the latest version of Qoppa’s PDF library, so it includes all improvements and bug fixes added in versions v2015R1 and v2014R2.


  • PAS-124 – Digital Signatures: Add Support for Time Stamp Servers
  • PAS-144 – Digital Signatures: Customize Text Fields Displayed in Signature Appearance
  • PAS-125 – Preflight: Add PDF/A-1b Validation Profile


  • PAS-131 – Upgrade Default Memory to 1024MB
  • PAS-132 – PDF Automation Server – New Mac 64 bit Installer with Java 1.7 bundled


  • PAS-110 – Add Watermark: For specific PDF documents, watermarks were added upside down
  • PAS-116 – Convert Microsoft Word to PDF: Allow .docx in File Filter
  • PAS-133 – Conversion Text to PDF: Issue with Initial Page Size and Margin Units
  • PAS-134 – Conversion Text to PDF: Extra blank line after linefeed
  • PAS-120 – Use new blue Icon for Application and Taskbar Icons