Download PDF Automation Server v2016R2

Version 2016R2 – September 2016

This version of PDF Automation Server adds two Web PDF viewers, packaged with the REST server:

  • HTML5 PDF Viewer to simply view PDF documents
  • HTML5 PDF Notes to view, markup, and save annotated PDF documents

Try HTML5 PDF Notes Live Demo!

New Features

  • PAS-230 – New HTML5 PDF Notes Module. Read HTML5 PDF Notes User Guide
  • PAS-245 – HTML5 PDF Notes: Support for Mobile / Touch screens


  • PAS-248 – HTML PDF Viewer: Improve viewer to make it simple to integrate and customize with HTML styling
  • PAS-271 – HTML5 PDF Viewer: Add thumbnail pane
  • PAS-233 – Add Welcome Page to Qoppa PAS Server
  • PAS-247 – Add new PDF/A-2b & PDF/A-3b options
  • PAS-69 – Add support for ssl connections (pop3s, imaps) for the mail watcher
  • PAS-119 – Edit Split PDF Job to add an option to split after text
  • PAS-293 – REST API Add Watermark: Add font size, font name and font style
  • PAS-287 – REST API Sign PDF: Add reason, contactInfo, and location
  • PAS-238 – REST API PDF Optimizer: Add Option to Compress Objects into Streams
  • PAS-257 – REST API:Add error message for network connection error when saving/downloading/printing document


  • PAS-114 – Word to PDF Job – The Job Information does not refresh correctly when changing image output type
  • PAS-290 – HTML PDF Viewer: Annotations may show up in incorrect locations when the view or page is rotated
  • PAS-253 – HTML5 PDF Viewer: Print Preview does not display in Safari when printing a document in viewer
  • PAS-255 – HTML5 PDF Viewer: Download file doesn’t work in Safari Browser
  • PAS-109 – When editing a PDF Preflight job, changing the preflight profile doesn’t save
  • PAS-128 – PAS Manager: Truncated and cut-off GUI issues on MacOS and Linux

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