Below are the build notes for v2017R1 Fix Branch / Minor Releases for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server.

Download PDF Automation Server v2017R1

Version v2017R1.05 & v2017R1.06 – December 23 2017
PAS-356 – Web PDF Markup: Annotations broken in EDGE
PAS-355 – REST API: All Permissions: Add Signature Permissions to Response
PAS-348 – REST API: Add a default digital ID for signature REST calls
JPDF-1131 – Regression: XFDF files with text boxes can not be reimported – XML Parse Exception during parsing of a freetext element at line 0: Attribute “rotation” does not contain a valid value (“0.0″)
PAS-354 Comments Created in the PAS Web Viewer cannot be flattened
JPDF-1119 Document Specific: Page Label gives an arrayindexoutofbound exception
JPDF-1120 – Document Specific: Extract text from a PDF page appears to hang (infinite loop in infinite loop regex matching code?)
JPDF-1115 – Use ToUnicode when extracting text when using Java font program
JPDF-1119 – Document Specific: Invalid page labels give an arrayindexoutofbound exception
JPDF-1116 – Fix issue with CalGray color space: background is yellowish instead of white
PS-4024 – New apple developer certificate
PS-4011 – REGRESSION: Redaction with no fill color does not redact image below, only redacts text
Changes to the way PNG and GIF images are handled as a step toward Java 9 support
JPDF-1112 – Do not throw an exception when destinations array is empty
JPDF-1103 – Inverted color artifacts on page after applying redaction on JBIG2 stencil images (preserve stencil images)

Version v2017R1.04 – November 8 2017
PAS-151 – Signing a PDF created from Word would sometimes add an invalid signature
PAS-353 – “Connection error” displays when running PAS server
PAS-352 – Fix Issue with Mobile Viewer (JavaScript)
PAS-351 – [MAC, Linux] Web Viewer: Context menu does not remain when right click on page thumbnail
PAS-350 – Cut/Paste pages
PAS-349 – Zooming doesn’t doesn’t keep correct annotation placement

Version v2017R1.03 – October 17 2017
PAS-345 – Regression Clipping Issue: An image is missing when converting from PDF to HTML5
JPDF-1090 – Using byteArrayInputStream causes NPE due to new optimizer logging

Version v2017R1.02 – October 4th 2017
PAS-339 – Web PDF Markup: Save to temp file to avoid collision, also add save progress
PAS-338 – Web PDF Markup: Unable to save a PDF through the Web PDF Markup when the PDF contained both form fields and annotations.
PAS – Web PDF Markup: Add caret to drop down buttons
JPDF-1086 – Regression: Default Transparency for Image in SignatureAppearance for Digital Signature custom appearance was completely transparent instead of being opaque.

Version v2017R1.01 – Internal Release

Version v2017R1.00 – September 14 2017
Original release, see Release Notes for v2017R1