Below are the release notes for v2018R1 for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server.

Download PDF Automation Server v2018R1

Version 2018R1.00 – August 07 2018

PAS-380 – Highlights are not showing correctly on Print Preview
PAS-374 – Get text content from contents-richtext in XFDF annotations
PAS-373 –  HTML Viewer – Total pages is sometimes showing as 0
PAS-372 –  Update to latest Java 8 build (#162)
PAS-365 –  Empty tab is showing when opening a document from the list
PAS-361 –  When jobs had been edited directly in the xml file, job lists would not refresh properly
PAS-360 –  Issue with rendering some form fields in PDF Markup Module
PAS-359 –  Add an example to apply redaction annotations to API documentation
PAS-358 –  Show evaluation / production mode on home screen of PDF Automation Server
PAS-356 –  Web PDF Markup: Annotations broken on Microsoft Edge
PAS-355 –  REST API All Permissions: Add Signature Permissions to Response
PAS-354 –  Comments Created in the PAS Web Viewer cannot be flattened
PAS-353 –  “Connection error” displays when running PAS server
PAS-352 –  Mobile Viewer Broken
PAS-351 – [MAC, Linux] Web Viewer: Context menu does not remain when right click on page thumbnail
PAS-350 –  Cut/Paste pages
PAS-349 –  Zooming doesn’t doesn’t keep correct annotation placement
PAS-348 –  Default digital ID for signature REST calls
PAS-345 –  Regression Clipping Issue: An image is missing when converting from PDF to HTML5
PAS-344 –  Web Viewer: Ability to delete pages
PAS-342 –  Annotation buttons don’t look pressed
PAS-341 –  “Sticky” stamps and area highlight annotations are not created correctly
PAS-339 –  Use temp file when saving documents on REST calls
PAS-338 –  Unable to save form fields
PAS-337 –  Regression: Cannot select page from pages pane [IE only]
PAS-336 –  Regression: Redundant color field with no labels on annotation properties
PAS-335 –  Regression: “X” button on annotation properties is not showing correctly
PAS-330 –  Get rid of RMI in PAS
PAS-321 –  Webviewer: Digitally Sign PDF
PAS-312 –  Filling Form Fields in PDF Markup Viewer
PAS-309 –  Password dialog is not showing if I hit Cancel and reopen
PAS-146 –  PAS Installer Custom Installation Option for Client and Server
PAS-127 –  New workflow project type – Convert PDF to HTML5

This version also includes all the improvements that were added to the underlying PDF engine and PDF libraries, see Version 2018R1 PDF Libraries.