Below are the release notes for v2018R2 for Qoppa’s PDF Automation Server.

Version 2018R2.00 – November 29 2018

New Features:

  • Alfresco / Document Storage Integration with REST API & Web PDF Viewer
  • Rotate Pages in REST API & Web PDF Viewer
  • Search & Redact in REST API
  • Full Document Search & Highlight in Web PDF Viewer

Tasks List:

PAS-366 – REST API / Web Viewer: PAS Storage Model / Alfresco Implementation
PAS-368 – REST API: New end point to search text and add redaction annotations
PAS-369 – REST API to rotate pages – Add feature to Web Viewer client
PAS-370 – Web Viewer: New search button to search and highlight text within the full PDF (all pages)
PAS-378 – REST API: Fix issues with delete annotations
PAS-381 – Web Viewer: Sticky/rubber stamp should not rotate on a rotated page
PAS-386 – PAS Manager: Regression: HTTP 404 Not Found when selecting CMYK Settings
PAS-387 – PAS Manager: Changing Log Settings crashes server
PAS-397 – Web Viewer: New Upload button / Existing Open button will browse server documents
PAS-395 – Improve PDF Automation Server documentation
PAS-398 – Web Viewer: Open/upload button should open in new tab
PAS-401 – Web Viewer Showcase Improvements: Reorganize list files to show folders before files, sorted alphabetically
PAS-404 – Fix HTML links for “Files and Libraries” in Enunciate Documentation
PAS-405 – REST API / Web PDF Viewer: User Sessions now supported in PAS & Document Storage Service with Login / Logout
PAS-406 – Web Viewer & Rest API: Fix pencil annotations issue (fat lines) & duplicate annotations when name entry is missing
PAS-407 – Web Viewer: Show better error when upload fails due to no permission
PAS-408 – Web Viewer: URL links will now open in a new tab (change in SVG output)
PAS-412 – Web Viewer ONLY: Annots should not be editable
PAS-416 – Web Viewer: Uncaught ReferenceError: sortable is not defined in VIEWER only

This version also includes all the improvements that were added to the underlying PDF engine and PDF libraries in minor builds for version 2018R1.