Assuming your license key is 123456 for your Production server, you can validate the key against the jar (i.e, make sure you have the good key for the good version), and your server (i.e make sure you have the good key for your server) by using the steps below, given for the jPDFImages library but which can be easily extrapolated for any of Qoppa’s PDF library.

Validate the license key using command-line

java -jar jPDFImages.jar -validatekey 123456

Validate the license key using Java
You can also validate the key within your Java program. Make sure you have jar in the classpath. This will further validate the license key within your environment:

// jPDFImages
PDFImages.KeyInfoImages.main(new String[]{"-validatekey", "123456"});
// jOfficeConvert
WordDocument.KeyInfoWordConvert.main(new String []{"-validatekey", "123456"});
// jPDFProcess
PDFDocument.KeyInfoProcess.main(new String[]{"-validatekey", "123456"});
// Extrapolate for other Qoppa PDF library products ...

If the key is invalid, the following output will show:

Key Validation: Invalid Key