If you are trying to retrieve your server information, the easiest way is to run a simple command line on our jar file. You can follow these instructions to retrieve your server information.

If you have been instructed by Qoppa’s team to retrieve your server information from within your environment by Qoppa’s team, please follow the instructions below.

When running within a more complex environment such as Websphere, Tomcat, or other application servers, you may need to retrieve your server information directly from within your Java environment.

Depending on the library you are using (jPDFFields, jPDFImages, jPDFProcess), make the appropriate call to the method below from within your java code:

// jPDFAssemble
PDFAssemble.KeyInfoAssemble.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFFields
PDFFields.KeyInfoFields.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFImages
PDFImages.KeyInfoImages.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFOptimizer
PDFOptimizer.KeyInfoOptimizer.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFProcess
PDFDocument.KeyInfoProcess.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFPrint
PDFPrint.KeyInfoPrint.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFSecure
PDFSecure.KeyInfoSecure.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFText
PDFText.KeyInfoText.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jPDFWeb
PDFWeb.KeyInfoWeb.main(new String [] {"-serverinfo"});
// jOfficeConvert
WordDocument.KeyInfoWordConvert.main(new String [] {-serverinfo”});

This will echo the server information to the console.

Email us this information so we can issue a key for you.